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Aquarius Coda (Junior Surfski)

  • 1 NOK

A kayak for dynamic kayaking in open waters. Very stable, shorter than other typical surfing kayaks..

Intended for juniors and lighter kayakers. Aquarius CODA will be a good choice for those beginning their adventure with cruising on waves, for whom long and not stable surfskis are too difficult. It features a very safe structure of sit-on-top type, which prevents cockpit flooding or kayak sinking.

Surfski type kayak is a combination of a sport kayak and a sit-on-top. There is no cockpit in Coda, and a kayaker sits ‘on top’. Standard Aquarius Coda is equipped with a rudder with adjustable footrests.

Standard: diolen/Poliamid
Club: diolen/kevlar + vacum
Length: 400cm
Width: 48cm
Standard: 18kg
Club: 16kg