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Aquarius Aqua One

  • 1 NOK

A single tourist kayak. Universal, optimal for running waters and small rivers, it also performs well in lakes or gulfs. It is often used by beginners, owing to the high comfort and safety it offers. Aqua One is very popular in Norway, where it is used for fishing and hunting from water.

In the hull structure, a classic flat bottom assuring high stability and manoeuvrability has been used. It enters well and safely slips off barriers. The kayak is characterised by very good nautical properties as well as low floating resistance. Its light and resistant structure makes it easier to achieve river sections that are difficult to access. The kayak is easily mounted on a railing by one person.

The kayak has been equipped with a stern waterproof baggage hatch, divided from the cockpit with a bulkhead, with a capacity of 105 l, and a small bow compartment with 2 l capacity. Optionally, you can order 2 rod holders behind the cockpit. Fittings have been placed under especially profiled hollows in the deck. The kayak’s seat has an anatomical form made with a thermoforming method, additionally covered with elastic foam.

Standard: diolen/Poliamid
Club: diolen/kevlar + vacum
Club+: carbon/kevlar + vacum
Length: 435 cm
Width: 68 cm
Outer cockpit: 94 x 47 cm
Kokpit wew.: 84 x 41 cm
Diolen: 24 kg / Kevlar: 24 kg
RAL Palette
Rear: 105 l.
Front: 2 l.